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Statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin Statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin Statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin in Estelle Faguette's bedroom Statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin depicted by shrine at Velankanni Statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin

Pellevoisin: Shrine of the Merciful Mother

In 1876, a French domestic servant, Estelle Faguette, was miraculously cured of a terminal illness by a series of visits from the Mother of God. While the Catholic Church has not formally declared that Our Lady has ever appeared to Estelle, it has recognised her healing as an authentic cure.

In her visits, the Blessed Virgin also stated that her glory was to be known in this town of Pellevoisin. The Mother of God came to promote devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through a cheerful acceptance of suffering in reparation for sins against the Blessed Sacrament. She appeared wearing a scapular of the Sacred Heart, saying "nothing would please her more than to see this livery on each of her servants." The Church has formally approved this scapular devotion.

Estelle's bedroom has now been turned into a chapel, and the town of Pellevoisin is now a pilgrimage destination. The shrine is now in the care of the Community of Saint John, under the authority of the Archbishop of Bourges.

Young Estelle Faguette Estelle Faguette after the apparitions Memorial card for Estelle Faguette

What happened at Pellevoisin?

Pellevoisin Scapular front Pellevoisin Scapular rear Pellevoisin scapular front Pellevoisin Scapular Scapular as provided by Pellevoisin in 2010

The Sacred Heart Scapular Devotion

Estelle Faguette's ex-voto plaque

Reflections and Poems

Estelle Faguette's room - now a chapel Estelle Faguette's room - now a chapel

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