Sound files for Mass in Welsh

These files play in iTunes

  • Introduction
  • Invitation to Penitential Act
  • I Confess to Almighty God
  • Lord, Have Mercy
  • The Absolution
  • Gloria
  • Hail Mary
  • We Believe In One God (Nicene Creed)
  • Blessed Are You, Lord
  • Proper Preface of Eucharistic Prayer II
  • Holy, Holy
  • Eucharistic Prayer II before the Acclamation
  • Memorial Acclamation
  • Eucharistic Prayer II after the Acclamation
  • Through Him, With Him, In Him
  • Our Father ... but deliver us from evil
  • Deliver us, Lord
  • For thine is the Kingdom...
  • Lord Jesus Christ, You said to your apostles...
  • Lamb of God
  • This Is The Lamb of God
  • The Body of Christ, The Blood of Christ
  • The Lord Be With You... Blessing
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