Liturgy in the Welsh Language

Bishop Emeritus Edwin Regan, although no longer Ordinary of any Diocese, by agreement of the current Catholic bishops in Wales retains responsibility for Catholic liturgy in the Welsh language. The following liturgical texts are published here with his permission.

Each text is offered as a DOC and a PDF. The DOC is offered with minimal formatting so that it can be taken and reformatted for your own use. The PDF is designed so that printed one page to an A4 sheet, the text is of suitable size for an Altar edition and printed 2-up on A4, is suitable for a people's book.

Caveat: I am not a fluent Welsh speaker and cannot vouch for spotting transcription mistakes in spelling or grammar. Corrections are welcome!

The Order of Mass

Priest Celebrants may find these documents useful at the Chair and Altar during Mass.

You can also listen to iTunes audio files of the Mass being spoken in Welsh.

Mass Propers for Particular Celebrations

Vigil Mass of the Nativity of the Lord

St David's Day

Blessings for Special Occasions

Baptism of an Infant

Blessing of a Married Couple - includes texts for anniveraries and for general occassions.

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